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Fees only apply to Receiving Money, Withdrawing money and foreign exchange. Everything else is FREE!

Send or Receive MoneyPersonalBusiness
Open An AccountFreeFree
Monthly ChargesNoNo
Receive Money1%3.90%
Send MoneyFreeFree

Withdraw Money  
Electronic Transfer within India1%1%
Electronic Transfer Outside India3%3%

Deposit Money  
Electronic TransferFreeFree

Currency Conversion  
Foreign Exchange* FreeFree

* Foreign exchange rate is the wholesale exchange rate at which we buy our currencies.
Exchange rates are adjusted regularly. 

Fee Comparision Chart:

Sending FeeFree$0.001.9%
Receiving Fee1%2.9%-3.9% + $0.30free
Cost of a `1,000 Withdrawal `10`502.95 EUR
Deposit MoneyFree$0.00$0.00
Future PaymentYesNot OfferedNot Offered
Master KeyYesNot OfferedNot Offered
Cost of a $100 Received$1$3.9+$0.30$0.00
Cost of a $1,000 Received$10$39.00+$0.30$0.00
Cost of a $3,000 Received$30$117.00+$0.30$0.00
Account unused Freefreeunused for 12 months: 1 EUR/month
Exchange fees (FX)Wholesale exchange rate2.5%3.99%
Notes No ChargebacksChargebacksChargebacks

Last Update: 21 December 2016

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